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Making Connections: Improving spatial abilities with engineering drawing activties

Summary: Use of Spatial thinking essential in scientific thought (representation and maniupulation in learning and problem solving) acquired in drawing activties. Author: S Olkun Publication Year: 2003 Electronic Access: Type of document: PDF

Informal assessment strategies: A-Z for the Math Classroom

Summary: A-Z of assessment strategies to provide a breadth of informal methods for teachers keeping track of student progress. Author: C Moersch Electronic Access: Type of document: PDF

Mathematical Modelling at Secondary School: MACSI-CLongowes Wood College experience

Summary: Mathematical modelling workshop for senior cycle secondary school students. Author: JPF Charpin, S O’Hara, D Mackey Publication Year: 2013 Electronic Access: Type of document: PDF

Improving learning in mathematics: challenges and strategies

Summary: Standards Unit Mathematics Team has been working with over 200 teachers across 40 organisations nationwide to develop and improve the teaching and learning of mathematics in the learning and skills sector. The approaches and materials contained in this resource are the result of this work. Author: M Swam Publication Year: 2005 Electronic Access:…
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Using Algebra Tiles Effectively

Summary: With this package, all educators can better utilize algebra tiles to reach today’s students. New users are given the support they need to start using algebra tiles in the classroom—right away. Experienced users are provided with a host of new applications. Author: B Hall Publication Year: 1999 Electronic Access: Type of document: PDF

Decoding The Universe – The Great Math Mystery – BBC Science Documentary

Summary: This is a documentary which investigates the ways in which particular mathematical patterns and laws serve as a tool in decoding various global phenomena, including arts and music. Author: BBC Science Documentary Publication Year: 2015 Electronic Access: Type of document: Documentary