Inclusive design for students with Specific Learning Disorders

Inclusive design for students with Specific Learning Disorders

There is currently a global underachievement in Mathematics as students tend to view this subject as one of the most difficult. In Secondary School, mathematics lessons become more and more abstract, leading to a loss of interest and engagement for the pupils. Our cross-curricular approach, linking mathematics and visual arts, music, cinematography, literature, and theatre can help re-contextualize math in History and in its practical applications.

However, many students are facing more difficulties when it comes to mathematics due to the presence of one or more Specific Learning Disorder(s). As Logopsycom, our Belgian partner, is expert on the topic, they provided adaptation guidelines to apply throughout the whole creation of our tools. These adaptations allow us to provide tools that are accessible and enjoyable for all.

Here is an infographic presenting some of the adaptations to implement:

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