Reflections by a student

Reflections by a student

On the 11th of October of 2019 I had a different Maths class.

It was implemented under the “The Art of Maths” project and our class was told by our teacher that it would be a class a little different than usual. As a student from a Beautician Training Course, who is used to deal with colors and aesthetics (which, in a sense, can be viewed as art!) because of the project’s name, I was very curious, but at the same time a little hesitant because I didn’t know what was coming!

So, on that day, the class was told we would analyze and discuss some brilliant pieces of art by M.C. Escher. As our teacher started explaining what was going on behind the exhibited Escher’s artistic paintings, we were standing in awe. Indeed, those pieces of art were brilliant…and mind-blowing! We were talking about Math concepts that everyone in the class had heard of before, however these were being taught in a way that differs from the traditional one!

We were proposed to draw the “impossible cube”! It looked like an impossible task, because it took a while until we could really grasp the idea behind it! We started drawing the cube, following the teacher’s guidelines, and suddenly we realized we were working on Math concepts while drawing – dimensions, lines, geometry! That was really impressive! I don’t even think everyone believes we were really having a Maths’ class!

Maths is way more fun than most people would think! It depends only on our perspective to face it and our willingness to understand it! just about calculations all the time! Once it captures our attention, we can become immersed in it and that is golden because we can learn and have fun at the same time!

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