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Mathematics in Art and Architecture

Summary: Exploration of mathematics, art and architecture in lessons and examples. Author: Paul Calter Publication Year: 1998 Electronic Access: https://math.dartmouth.edu/~matc/math5.geometry/unit1/INTRO.html Type of document: Online

What is the Golden Ratio?

Summary: The connection between the Golden Ratio and works of art and architecture has been questioned in the last few decades, but there is no question that the Golden Ratio has fascinating ties to the Fibonacci numbers, two- and three-dimensional geometry, and more. Author: Tipping Point Math [by Marc Chamberland] Publication Year: 2017 Electronic Access:…
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What the Ancients Knew – Greece

Summary: The Western world is built on the wisdom and traditions of the ancient Greeks, who uncovered the fundamental principles that established the basics of modern technology. Explore their contributions to geometry, astronomy, and physics and take a close-up look at how they applied their knowledge. Author: Published by Discovery Channel. Publication Year: 2008 Electronic…
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